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Stop trying to please man!!

Are you sitting there worrying about how someone is going to respond to you?  STOP

There are always going to be people around who take pleasure in finding what is wrong, in creating chaos where there is none, in making your life miserable because THEY themselves are actually the miserable ones.

Who will you ultimately be answering to?   I can guarantee that when your book of life is opened, they won’t be the ones reading it.

YOU are a child of GOD!!    Take your worries, your struggles, concerns- TAKE IT ALL to the one who created you and knows every hair upon your head.   You may not know or completely understand how God can handle your situation, but that is none of your business!!   Let HIM handle your situations.  Your job is to TRUST and BELIEVE.

I pray that this word has helped someone today.  Keep being a light to shine upon the world.   You never know how many people are being touched by your example.

Psalm 119:105 (KJV)–   They word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.


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Finding Five Minutes

This morning, I realized that I don’t start my day out with God.   I wake up, realize I’m still exhausted, and then begrudgingly get out of bed and attempt to make myself look and feel human so that each task can be checked off in my planner.  Most of the time, though, I end up overwhelmed and discouraged.

I know me, and I know that I am not the person who will spend hours a day reading my Bible or committing to a devotional.  That’s pretty ironic since I wrote a devotional…  but anyway…  =)

I stumbled upon this website this morning, and this article hit my “AH-HA” nerve.  It’s just what I needed today to help me deal with everything that’s going on.  I hope you find it helps you to start out this week.   Blessings to you~ Angela Walsh

Full article found here —> Fighting Daily Discouragement- from 5 minutes for Faith

Excerpt by Dawn Paoletta:

There’s a saying about the little things in life. It’s the little things, so the saying goes that can end up being the big things. This can be true in relationships, careers, and attitudes. A teensy mouse can terrify a huge elephant, and so the story goes, one young man with the proper vision took down a giant who had defied armies. The unnoticed dripping faucet by day rings out like a maddening racket in the quietness of night, when one longs for quiet and sleep. It’s the little things we are thankful for, we rejoice in and the little things heaped upon us that can undo us in one moment.

It’s no wonder we find ourselves feeling overwhelmed when we deal with bits of discouragement daily. Who can avoid all negativity? 

Complete the article here



I’ve never given full trust to God.   

There, I admit it.   I’ve always had an untrustful side that refused to believe that anyone could love me as much as God claimed to love me.   

Because of this mistrust. I never committed to tithing out of every paycheck.   I was scared we wouldn’t make it.   Scared we wouldn’t have food to eat or a way to buy diapers, formula, and pay the electric bill.  Because, in all honesty, we weren’t making it…. and I couldn’t see how “giving away” money to our church was going to help us.   

This month, after almost twenty years of marriage, we started tithing.   And, no, nothing miraculous happened.  I didn’t open the mailbox and find a check from a long lost relative or receive a huge royalty check from book sales.  What I have discovered is that there’s a peace I’ve never known.   A feeling that my Father is watching over me and sees that we are trusting Him.  

I don’t have the answers.  We still struggle daily, but I suppose that keeps us grounded and humble.   What I do know is that we will survive.   We will be okay.   We will trust and believe in God’s promises and be the example that our children need.   We’re not alone, and that’s the greatest feeling we’ve ever known.   

What do you struggle with when it comes to trusting God?