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Pity Parties

Ever have a day, week, month, LIFE that left you wondering why God even bothered to put you into this world?

It’s as if some of us were just born to be in bad situations.   It’s so easy to be down and see the hurtful, negative, and unfair situations that surround you.

Someone tells you that you have a purpose and you become even more resentful because words aren’t changing your situation.

Reality check: the only person that can change your situation is YOU.

Stop relying on PEOPLE to change your life.  The reality is that 99% of people won’t work on helping you unless it benefits them in some way.  That’s just human nature.

Today, no matter how small the steps have to be, do one thing to improve your situation.

I don’t know your needs, dreams, or future plans.   I do know that you aren’t accomplishing anything by sitting around in a pool of pity all day.

Get up.   Take a shower.   Refresh your mind.  Spend time praying and asking God to open your eyes to His message for you.

If you truly want to improve your life, take the steps to get there.  You might be uncomfortable for some time, but at least you won’t be stagnant.

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